Summer might be the best time to get outdoors and enjoy what the mountains have to offer in our amazing backyard in Canada.  In recent years, ski resorts in British Columbia have made a series of additions, upgrades and updates to have family friendly activities for adults and the little’s as well as keeping the hardcore activities available for the summer thrill seeker.

1) Fishing
Summer is a great time to escape the hustle and city bustle, to relax and recharge. The tranquility of fishing will help those kids forget all about the stress of making the grade at school and will help you take a real mental vacation from work.  Fishing provides kids (of all ages) a great lesson about being calm and one with nature in an authentic environment.  More information about fishing in Kimberley is on the Tourism Kimberley.


2) Take a Hike
No, we’re not telling you to get lost, but we are literally telling you to take a hike. Kimberley, Fernie and Kicking Horse all offer hiking in a mountain setting with amazing views at Fernie and Kicking Horse the lift accessed hiking provides some epic views you won’t on any regular old hike.  For more information about hiking in mountain towns visit the Tourism Fernie, Tourism Golden or Tourism Kimberley websites and for more information about lift accessed resort hiking visit the Fernie Alpine Resort or Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

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3) See a real bear up close (and learn too)
Perhaps one of the most unique aspects at Kicking Horse is Boo the Bear who lives year round at the resort and has made a name for himself as a local celebrity. Boo has an interesting story of how he ended up making his home at Kicking Horse, in the largest protected Grizzly Bear habitat in the world.  While living at the resort he’s offered us humans a rare and special opportunity to learn about the life and practices of Grizzly Bears.  Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy taking a Grizzly Bear Interpretive tour and learning about his life at the horse!  Get more information about Boo and Interpretive tours on the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.


4) Monkey Around
The Aerial Park at Fernie Alpine Resort is a good introduction to find out how the little’s in your family feel about heights. They can try out the free kid’s aerial park, or if they meet the height restrictions can venture up in the trees.  The lesson beforehand from our knowledgeable guides and extensive safety system will allow them to feel safe while far away from the ground!  If you have a very adventurous little one (who is at least 10), use the Aerial Park as a stepping stone to trying the Via Ferrata at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.  Get more information and book the Aerial Park on the Fernie Alpine Resort website.

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5) Explore historic towns
Many towns in British Columbia have a strong history in mining and have museums or memorials in town to commemorative and conserve the memories. Along with learning about history, try out some of these unique town experiences;

  • Walk the downtown platzl in Kimberley (also location of the Kimberley museum). More info.
  • Visit Beanpod Chocolate (Canada’s Traditional Chocolate maker) in historical Downtown Fernie.  Beanpod website.
  • Walk with Wolves in Golden, a truly unique experience in the Canadian Rockies. More info.
  • Visit the Heritage town – Fort Steele (near Kimberley, B.C). More info.
  • Pop into the Clawhammer Press in Downtown Fernie. Clawhammer Press website.

The Platzl in Kimberley, B.C

6) Take a golf lesson
Getting them started young is a great way to build impressive golf skills! Check out the Trickle Creek Golf Resort website to see about specials like ‘take a kid to the course day’, ‘family stay & play packs’ and family golf lessons.  Or, if your little’s aren’t into golfing the big courses, try the Mini Putt at Riverside Campground in Kimberley.



7) Swim in the pools
Staying at ski resorts in the summer offers a full service experience! While many of our hotels have in house or nearby Spas to pamper, gyms to keep in shape and outdoor pools/hot tubs for the kids to keep entertained for hours!  Looking for a family basecamp in Kimberley – check out Trickle Creek Lodge.


8) Eat all the food
It might be a bit of a hidden fact (although gaining more and more recognition), mountain towns are the best place to have great food! Each have their own unique restaurants, bars or cafes to check out – all come with an authentic mountain town vibe (guaranteed).
Here is some advice to get your mountain foodie experience started;
Top 5 Places to eat in Kimberley
Food, Our second favourite F Word


9) Mountain Bike ON a mountain
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is a great starting point to get the passion flowing for mountain biking, with a kid’s skills course in the base area set up each summer. Fernie Alpine Resort has also added a myriad of beginning trails over the last couple season to provide a gentle ride down the summer ski slopes.  Kimberley is home to a variety of mountain biking and gentle ride trails around and through town, including the well known North Star Rail to Trail paved trail running from Cranbrook to Kimberley.  More information about mountain biking in Kimberley, B.C or at Fernie Alpine Resort and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort can be found on our websites.

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10) All the best fests
What’s your jam? Outdoor music?  Farmers Markets?  Hardcore racing events?  There is something nearly every weekend in Fernie, Kimberley or Golden.  Check out the online events calendars on the resort websites or town tourism websites to find out the schedule for this summer!

Kimberley Farmers Market

Photos: Tourism Kimberley, Cali Sammel, Raven Eye Photography, Kimberley Farmers Market