Trickle Creek Lodge

Adventure awaits your arrival at Trickle Creek Lodge in Kimberley. British Columbia's Best Kept Secret

Trickle Creek Lodge

500 Stemwinder Drive
Kimberley, BC V1A 2Y6
Toll Free: 877-282-1200
Phone : 250-427-5175
Fax : 250-427-5129
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Meeting Facilities

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Need somewhere to host your meetings in a relaxed atmosphere? Rent our meeting and dining facilities and let our staff cater to your needs while you focus on your meeting. Whether 20 or 150 people, we have options to accommodate you.

Contact us and let us take care of the details of your group, meeting or retreat needs and the most suitable accommodation for your group. Take the stress off your shoulders and contact the Trickle Creek Lodge today. We have the facilities to accommodate your group needs.

Meeting/Dining Facilities General Information

Hotel Meeting Room Features

  • High Speed Internet access
  • Built-in presentation screens
  • Stylish and comfortable furniture
  • Patio doors to BBQ/pool deck
  • Many large windows with drapery
Stemwinder Restaurant Features

  • Rustic and stylish resort décor
  • Large gas fireplace
  • Full service bar
  • Outdoor heated and licensed patio
  • Can convert into functional meeting space
Hotel Meeting Room Sizes

  • Purcell-Side Room: 570 square feet
  • Steeples-Side Room: 474 square feet
  • Full Purcell/Steeples: 1044 square feet
Stemwinder Restaurant Room Size

    4880 Square feet – Accommodates:

    • 70 people for boardroom meeting
    • 150 people for theatre presentations
    • 205 people for banquet reception
Hotel Half room comfortably accommodates:

  • 20-25 people for boardroom meeting
  • 20-25 people for banquet reception
  • 30-40 people for theatre presentation

Hotel Full room comfortably accommodates:

  • 40 people for boardroom meeting
  • 50 people for banquet reception
  • 75 people for theatre presentation
Trickle Creek Clubhouse Room Size
2000 Square feet- Accommodates:

    • 60-80 ppl for banquet reception
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